Who We Are:

Vinventions™ is the creation of family entrepreneur Marc Noël, in association with Bespoke Capital Partners, Heino Freudenberg, and further partners. Our goal: Become the most innovative and trusted supplier of complete wine closure solutions worldwide to the still and sparkling wine industry. Already, Vinventions produces over 2.5 billion closures per year, closing every eighth wine bottle worldwide.

Our company has expanded recently. In January 2015, Vinventions acquired Nomacorc, the leading global supplier of premium synthetic and plant-based closures to the wine industry. In June 2015, Ohlinger Group, the leading German specialist in complete wine closure solutions, joined Vinventions. In November, Vinolok/Vinoseal joined Vinventions via a Global Distribution Agreement, adding their renown glass closures to Vinventions’ solution offerings. In December 2015, Syntek Bouchage became licensee of Vinventions, strengthening the entry-level offering of synthetic closures to the world of wine, especially in Europe. 2016 will see further advancements through innovation and additions to our customer service teams and our product range.

At Vinventions, our leadership values center around customer dedication, innovation, operational excellence, decentralized entrepreneurship, teamwork, and long-term responsibility. In all, we employ over 500 associates and operate five production sites in the USA, Belgium, Germany, Argentina, and China. This includes our Wine Quality Solutions Group – recognized as one of the leading research teams in oxygen management and wine analytics, partnering with leading wine research institutes around the world.

Contact Us:

Nomacorc LLC
400 Vintage Park Drive
Zebulon, NC 27597
Nomacorc S.R.L.
Planta Industrial:
   Gral. Mosconi 2986, Rawson,
   San Juan, CP 5425, Argentina,
Sector Comercial:
   Granaderos 1033, Ciudad
   Mendoza, CP 5500, Argentina
+54 261 423 2861
z.i. les Plénesses
Chemin de Xhénorie 7
B-4890 Thimister-Clermont, Belgium
+32 87 63 88 20
74 avenue Paul Sabatier
11100 Narbonne, France
+33 (0) 4 68 45 48 44
17 Wuhan Road, Yantai
Development Zone
Shandong 264006, China
+86 535 216 9866
Rudolf Ohlinger GmbH & Co. KG
Industriestr. 5-7
D-67136 Fussgoenheim/Germany
Tel: +49.6237.40000
via L.Dalla 3B,
Centro Direzionale Summano, torre A, p. 5°
36015 Schio (Vi), Italia
+39 0445 1656521